The Artful Escape | Backlog Review

There are times that I will download a game with the full intention of only grabbing all the achievements and turning it off again. I had every intention of The Artful Escape being a quick once-and-done achievement run but the game surprised me in more ways than one. It was a rock opera coming-of-age story … Continue reading The Artful Escape | Backlog Review

Why “The Medium” Was a Missed Opportunity

Bloober team is one of the most respected indie horror developers currently in the business. Their work on Layers of Fear skyrocketed their renown, so the countdown to The Medium was highly anticipated by many familiar with their work.  The game was promising to have a unique dual-reality mechanic that would split the screen in … Continue reading Why “The Medium” Was a Missed Opportunity

Revisiting Halo Reach | A Bitter-Sweet Full-Circle Experience

The Halo series was on fire at the end of the first decade of the 2000s. It seemed like the series would stay at the top with Call of Duty for years to come, but that isn’t the way things played out. Bungie, the original developers of Halo, was planning on taking a stepping back … Continue reading Revisiting Halo Reach | A Bitter-Sweet Full-Circle Experience

Did the Pandemic Help Microsoft?

I was always planning on waiting to get my next-gen console. It’s what I do now, as I never see a reason to be an early adopter for systems that have few games to begin with and I always have games I need to play anyway. However, this time has been different. I wanted to … Continue reading Did the Pandemic Help Microsoft?

My Most Anticipated Games of 2021

We are finally moving into a new year and hopefully leaving behind some of the bad luck that tainted 2020. I am looking to making 2021 everything that 2020 was not and that includes playing even more games. Luckily, this year looks like it's going to feature some really great new and returning faces in … Continue reading My Most Anticipated Games of 2021