What Remains of Edith Finch | Backlog Review

I remember when this game was blowing up, and everyone was going wild over its storytelling.  Unfortunately, it was right at the time when I had to sell a lot of my gaming stuff in order to afford books for school. I restrained myself at the time and kept away from knowing much of anything … Continue reading What Remains of Edith Finch | Backlog Review

Wolfenstein: The New Order | Backlog Review

Shooting Nazis is a gaming pastime for many of us, and Wolfenstein set the bar back in the day. But the recent games have been trying to make the franchise fun for modern audiences, and The New Order is one of the standouts of those attempts.  I honestly don’t know how I missed this one. … Continue reading Wolfenstein: The New Order | Backlog Review

Revisiting Dead Space

I have been wanting to revisit Dead Space for a while now but stopped every time I thought back to it. I wasn't ready for the dread I would feel. Dread of going back to the blood soaked hallways where danger lurks behind every corner and every vent whispers lullabies to me. But it's a … Continue reading Revisiting Dead Space

Revisiting Bioshock Infinite

The best games, to me, are the ones that are able to transport you to another world. A world that you can get lost in for hours and forget about the essay that's due at midnight. Bioshock has always been one of those franchises for me. The first time I played an entry in the … Continue reading Revisiting Bioshock Infinite

Revisiting Portal

Portal has been applauded time and time again for its innovative approach to puzzle solving. At the time of its release in 2007, there wasn't anything that was quite like it. The mind-boggling technology of the portal gun, the head-scratching test chambers that accompanied it, and game's writing had players talking about Portal for years … Continue reading Revisiting Portal