The Best Pokemon to Have on Your Team in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Starting a new Pokemon game always brings up the question: What kind of team should I go for? While you are ultimately the person who has the final say in how your team will be tailored, it might be a good thing to get an idea of what waits ahead (or even behind) where you are so you can plan ahead. 

We have gathered some of the best early-game Pokemon and late-game Pokemon so that you can get an idea of how you might like to plan your adventure. It might also help to set you on the right path so that you are fully prepared for the difficult final boss of the game.

Note: Some of these Pokemon are a little rarer than others, especially early on, so you might need to spend extra time in an area if you are deadset on getting that pocket monster on your team. We will also be ignoring legendary and mythical Pokemon as they are obviously some of the easiest to find and already heavily implied to be some of the strongest in the game. 

These Pokemon are chosen by looking at their move sets, typing, stats, and how easy it can be to achieve their final evolution, so Pokemon who require a rare item might be ignored since they aren’t the easiest to obtain. With that, let’s see what Pokemon might be most helpful for you to complete your Survey duties.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Great Early-Game Pokemon

Your Starter (Cyndaquil, Oshawott, Rowlett)

Starters have a legacy for being some of the most powerful Pokemon in their respective games. In Legends Arceus, there is a cornucopia of starter Pokemon, and you can’t go wrong with any of the three choices that Professor Laventon presents you when you are going through your induction into the Galaxy team. 

The only thing you need to keep in mind is the synergy that your starter will have with the rest of your team. For instance, if you are going with Cyndaquil, having Chimchar on your team later might be a waste. It should also be noted that each starter line will add a ghost typing in its final evolution and give you access to new moves and immunities but also offer new weaknesses. 

Location: Given to you by the Professor.


Chimchar is one of the most powerful fire starters in the franchise and if you are lucky, you can add this fire chimp to your team by the time you are finished with the first section of the map. Chimchar’s final evolution is Infernape and adds a fighting type to its standard fire typing, so it’s fulfilling both typings for any team you have planned. 

This one is a rare spawn, however, so you might need to move in and out of the area to trigger a spawn until you finally see it. You can also try to complete the side quest “The Mysterious Will o’ the Wisp which is given out by Paira from Jubilife Village.

Location: Obsidian Fieldlands in Deertrack Heights, or completion of “The Mysterious Will o’ the Wisp.”


Eevee is one of the most versatile Pokemon you can have on your team and is always an excellent start. While it does have eight evolutions, some will be tougher to achieve than others early on. However, it might be best to aim for an Umbreon, Espeon, or Slyveon as there are few choices when it comes to dark, psychic, and fairy early on. 

To get the evolution, you need to get the friendship of you Eevee up and pay attention to when you finally hit the evolve button. Umbreon evolves during the night, Espeon evolves during the day, and Slyveon can be either night or day if the Eevee knows a fairy-type move such as Baby Doll Eyes (which many have already).

Location: Obsidian Fieldlands in Horseshoe Plains.


Shinx is a great early electric type, and it’s impossible to miss as it’s required to interact with for one of your first Survey missions. Unless you are aiming for a Jolteon, there aren’t many opportunities to get a great electric type on your team early on. The best part is that this one doesn’t require a stone to reach its final evolution like Pickachu and Eevee do. 

Shinx’s final evolution Luxray is a mainstay for many and will definitely provide you with enough cover for your electric typing as long as you need it. 

Location: Obsidian Fieldlands in Aspiration Hill.


Muchlax is a rare spawn, but it can be worth it to go looking for it before getting too invested in your journey. Munchlax is a bulky Pokemon on its own, but the sooner you are able to evolve it into a Snorlax the better as it will gain a pretty good attack stat which when combined with its HP and defense stats can really help with some of those pesky quick hitters. 

The tanky nature of the Munchlax will give you some time to breathe and possibly help open up an opportunity to win a battle or just get you a few extra Pokeball throws before it faints. Just make sure you are focusing on your friendship so you can evolve Munchlax as soon as possible.

Location: Obsidian Fieldlands in Deertrack Heights.


Besides being one of the most adorable Pokemon in the franchise, the Spheal line is one of the most beneficial. Spheal’s final evolution, Walrein, is a tanky ice type and can make a huge difference when taking down late-game dragon Pokemon. 

It’s tough to miss these guys too as they can easily be spotted basking in the Hisui sun on the beach of Cobalt Coastlands. Spheal is one of the earliest ice types long before you can reach Alabaster Icelands, so it can be a great idea to snag this one early.

Location: Cobalt Coastlands in Gingko Landing.


Zubat may not seem like an excellent early-game option, but if you are willing to take the time with it, you can easily get a Crobat by the time you are on your third Noble. Crobat is very fast with a solid attack stat which makes it dangerous in this game that emphasizes speed over much else. 

Just make sure you are working on your friendship with Golbat because it won’t be ready until you two are besties. Crobat’s speed isn’t all it has as it can learn a range of move types including bug, dark, ghost, and flying, to name a few. That’s quite a lineup and can make a great lead Pokemon on your team. 

Location: Obsidian Fieldlands in Deertrack Path and Nature’s Pantry at night.


A fantastic early fighting and bug Pokemon, Heracross is one of the most underrated early-game pocket monsters. It has decent stats all around with an exceptional attack stat and sub-par sp. Attack. Luckily, Heracross’ move pool is made up of only physical attacks with move-type variants including bug, fighting, normal, and flying.

Heracross is fairly common in Coronet Highlands, but the earliest you can come across one is an alpha in Obsidian Fieldlands near the Grueling Grove. It’s only a level 45, so if you are careful, you might be able to catch a really strong ally early in your adventure.

Location: Obsidian Fieldlands in Gruelling Grove. 

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Great Late-Game Pokemon


One of the best fairy Pokemon is Togekiss since it has a really high special attack and special defence with decent HP, defence, and speed stats. This makes Togekiss a nightmare for dragon Pokemon as it stands a chance to outspeed some of them and land a devastating blow right out of the gate.

It’s an excellent Pokemon to have, but it can be a gruel to get one on your team if you don’t outright catch it. Togepi is available early but needs friendship to become a Togetic, and Togetic needs a Shinystone to become Togekiss. Both of the early evolutions are not particularly great, so it might be best to catch Togekiss later in the game. 

Location: Obsidian Fieldlands flying around Lake Verity.

Hisui Arcanine

Arguably the best non-starter fire type in the game, Arcanine is a fierce physical attacker with a decent speed stat to keep ahead of the opponent. Its unique rock/fire typing also helps to give it more resistance to many more types, but it does open the door to 4x damage by water and ground. 

While you can find Growlithe by the mid-game, you will need to locate a firestone to get this final evolution. Jubilife village has them available for MP, or you can smash ore until you stumble across one.

Location: Hisui Growlithe is in Cobalt Coastlands in either Veilstone Cape or Windbreak Stand.


Lucario remains one of the better fighting-type Pokemon in the series for its decent speed stats and high sp. Attack and physical attack stats. Its steel/fighting typing means it only needs to worry about fighting, ground, and fire types. Its move pool also gives him access to fighting, steel, dragon, and dark type moves.

The Lucario line is all over Alabaster Icelands, but there are a few locations that are easier to locate a Riolu or Lucario than others. The most common spawn, by far, for both Riolu and Lucario is in Icebound Falls with a 20 percent and 99 percent spawn rate, respectively. 

Location: Alabaster Icelands in Icebound Falls.


Ursaluna is one of the new evolutions to a classic line of Pokemon and one that needed a serious upgrade. Ursaring is intimidating but it always lacked power. Ursaluna comes in with high HP, physical attack, and physical defence stats. While it’s slow, it’s very bulky and can help to give you a bit of breathing room against physical attackers.

Obtaining Ursaluna can be a bit annoying though as it will require you to hunt down a Peat Block. You’ll need to complete Request #77 and speak to Zeke in Galaxy’s home base. He will then give you Request 86, and after completing, you’ll be rewarded with a Peat Block.

Location: Ursaring can be found in Coronet Highlands in the Sonorous Path. Evolve Usaring with Peat Block in Crimson Mirelands during a full moon.


Goodra is one of the best dragon Pokemon in Legends Arceus and with its high sp. Def it can be tricky to take down if you are the one facing it. Goodra’s move pool is also solid with a range of steel, dragon, and water moves, so it’s fairly versatile.

There are a few instances where you might be able to get yourself a Goodra. You can catch any of the three evolutions of its line and even an Alpha in Coronet Highlands, but you will be forced to battle an alpha Goodra during the story, which is a great opportunity to catch it and add it to your team.

Location: Lake Verity as part of the story or in Coronet Highlands in the Ancient Quarry.


The strongest dragon in the game is Garchomp. It doesn’t have as many resistances as Goodra, but it more than makes up for it with its excellent speed and attack stats while boasting decent stats in every other category.

While Gibble and Gabite can be found in Coronet Highlands, there is a high-level alpha Garchomp begging to be caught in Alabaster Icelands in the bottom left corner of the map near Avalanche Slopes

Location: Alabaster Icelands near Avalanche Slopes.


Blissey is one of the most tanky Pokemon in the game, with some excellent healing moves. With its insane HP stat and decent sp. Def stat it can be a challenge to take one down. It’s also a fairy type which gives it an edge against those pesky dragon and legendary Pokemon that seem to be everywhere in the late game.

While Blissey’s other evolutions are available much earlier, Happiny and Chansey are not as useful until later. So you could catch it earlier, it’s easier to catch a fully evolved and high-level Blissey right when you need it. 

Location: Alabaster Icelands in Avalanche Slopes.


Arguably the best electric Pokemon in the game, Electivire is a terror. He is a tanky attacker and specializes in punching things so it can learn moves like Ice Punch and not just the standard Thunder and Thunderbolt. 

What’s better is that you will have to come across its Alpha during your adventure as it will be directly in your path. It’ll most likely be around or above your level as well, so catching it right when you come across it won’t have you at a disadvantage for the mission you are on at the time. 

Location: On the trail right outside the entrance to Cloudcap Pass.


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